project is supported by an international network of team members that include skaters, skimmers, and ramp crew who can be assembled from various locations for events, demos, and chill sessions…

project skateboards is proud to support individuals and organizations in their effort to advance skateboarding and live life to the full

project is an international skateboard collective so please do not send sponsorship inquiries…thanks.


project skateboardsではスケートに対して熱意があり、人生をもっともっと充実させたいという熱い思いのある個人に対してもサポートしていきたいと考えています。




support riders/ramp crew

avi thiessen
dr. mark
jutty friesen
lucas m
matt troyer
mel w
micah amstutz
nathan koontz
rico burbank
stevie g
manabu (site translation!)
special thanks to chopper~san and the osaka daggers crew

vision…word from the team

nicole b
arlene morrison
kolby milton
andrew bates

nate wytenbroek
dave j friesen