insert up to the end of the threads and twist

remove skateboard bearings

have you ever been skating somewhere and wanted to swap bearings or change wheels but keep the same bearings? i have seen many people ruin the shields trying to push bearings out with a screwdriver, but there are better ways…

you don’t need an expensive bearing press, or even a skate tool with a bearing adaptor on it…everywhere you skate you automatically have the perfect tool with you…your trucks

to remove a bearing from a wheel, remove the axel nut from the truck, slide the wheel off until the tip of the axel is in only as far as the thickness of the outside bearing, then twist and pull…you will end up with the wheel in your hand and the bearing on the axel…turn the wheel over and repeat…no tool, no problem!

happy go skateboarding day, now go skateboarding!

links: install bearings, clean bearings